Oxlove or Oxhate – The Tinder Model. Most likely the many typically Oxford associated with the Tinder sons.

Oxlove or Oxhate – The Tinder Model. Most likely the many typically Oxford associated with the Tinder sons.

Your own facts on Oxford’s best.

We’ve all been there. Clean out a separation, absolutely nothing to carry out on a Friday nights, or just a little bored. it is easy to create a profile, and difficult break out of the limitless interval once you’ve come down that a relationship app bunny gap. But to truly save you the concerns of working out who’s worth those valuable right swipes, Cherwell made your a definitive help guide to Oxford Tinder young men… review at your own possibility.


Is often discovered from traditional ‘boats n hoes’ lake picture – reward things if they’re in lycra, glasses, or head to toe deposit. Whether they have their particular erg results in biography, run a mile.

PROS:There’s good reason that a lot of of those get nude photos…

DISADVANTAGES:…there’s likewise an explanation that a large number of of these are always on Tinder – plan you might have a two-minute trade without rowing turning up? Rethink it all.


Still another classic Oxford youngster – straight-out of personal college and to the city, with a brief remain in Oxford to be sure to mommy and dad. This guy was actually possibly born in an impeccably personalized accommodate, and talks like he’s experienced elocution training since he had been three – better he almost certainly have.

CONS:There’s some thing so unnerving about anyone who has their particular lifetime together at 19… have you a proper individual?

PROS:Somehow has finances – expect to getting wined and dined.


Probably you vaguely recognize this guy because he’s rested with at minimum a couple of neighbors already. Immediately after which never texted them back. Pleasant, good looking, and regarding since real as Katie Price’s nipples, this really anyone to means with caution.

PROS: the guy won’t get those bothersome thoughts…

CONS: …but you will capture chlamydia.


This person expended the summer months before uni checking Nietzsche, Sartre and Charles Bukowski, that is now researching his own one real love (if appreciate is present) to regurgitate his own heavy, deep sensations onto. Regularly. Is determined by black turtleneck, breaking eyebags and shocking incapacity to laugh.

MASTERS: Great for aiding you using your way of thinking essays.

DOWNSIDES: therefore dull. Therefore self-obsessed. Hence perhaps not really worth the expensive coffee you’ll want to get.

THE chap

Although Oxford does have its great number, The Lad is an encompassing breed. Commonly can be found in the Four candle lights, or of course, getting a cheeky Nando’s, the universal line that binds the many various Lads together is being a laugh, and passionate a pint. Will come in a number of different colors, including Rugby chap, Clubbing chap, or the common and outdoors Lad’s chap.

BENEFITS: normally rather enjoyable, or brings both of you intoxicated plenty you may dont actually cleaning.

DISADVANTAGES: You just see you’re will be the main topic of chat from the bar by using the sons later on.


This guy makes sense. He’s spotted those information about group generating his or her Tinder users into PowerPoint demonstrations. He or she is aware that witty dudes have the chicks. Issue is, it’s all already been done once earlier. May swipe best on account of the vine sources with his biography, but you’ll shortly realize that’s copied word-for-word from a 2017 tweet. Sigh. Not so different all things considered.

MASTERS: 10/10 for work, regardless of whether it drops level right after.

DOWNSIDES: receives less humorous if you’ve spotted an individual 10th one in 60 minutes.


He’s comfortable, he’s chatty, he’s received a banging photograph as his first picture – it is this individual best messaging you to receive you to definitely choose his own latest gamble? An individual can’t allow but question how many of those within the guests short-lived their chirpses, and you’re too awkward to hang around after ward and then determine.

POSITIVES: Chances are you’ll pick a new-found fascination with college student theater – considerably enjoyable than half the males you’ll complement with at any rate.

DISADVANTAGES: 75percent opportunity you’re obtaining ghosted the moment this week’s BT work is finished.


Your correspond to on Tinder, you have got some banter, all is great. A couple of fun times, perhaps a sleepover following abruptly – bam. This individual disappears. You’re put thinking wherein on the planet almost everything walked incorrect, before you understand that you’re the fifteenth woman he’s carried this out also yet this year, also it’s not really the beginning of Trinity. Heart-breaking. Or it could be in the event you weren’t texting seven some other males too.

UPSIDES: At least he’s normal. The club is pretty low at this juncture.

DRAWBACKS: you’ll get minimal abandonment troubles, but anything Bridget Jones and seven images of tequila can’t correct.


You’re viewed your on Oxlove (or Oxford Dank Memes world), you have fifty common close friends on myspace, and his name appears in debate at least once a week. Of course you’re will swipe ideal, simply for the speak at the very least. However, a person quickly know that he’s using either you for uniting votes, meme responds, and other private admiration announcement to improve his own compilation.

PROS: friends believe you are fantastic for talking to him or her.

CONS: You’re probably going to need to get right to the backside of a very long queue for his affections.


This option can generally be classified by what he or she hates, which include (but is not limited to): rowing, black-tie, giving in work punctually, the JCR commission, anyone who went to public school, and daily life it self. Could be categorised by way of the undeniable fact that he is doing nothing at all to replace the bad components of this stuff, but will run his or her mouth area off grumbling about these people.

GURUS: sometimes go together with a fairly egalitarian personality alive.

DOWNSIDES: For some reason is able to are more annoying and ‘Oxford’ than all the things the guy detests.


Initially it might seem it man dresses actually and listens to cool tunes, nevertheless soon know that’s precisely the same corduroy trousers/denim jacket/artic monkeys combo as folks he’s friends with (& most of Wadham). You’ll find your at Bully, an overpriced antique retailer (but never ever an Oxfam) or weeping into a craft beer regarding reduced basement.

POSITIVES: 1/10 are now actually unique and interesting customers

DOWNSIDES: Will inevitably need powerful attitude on quiet standard accommodation and Casino, and you will definitely certainly hear about them.

Generally there you decide, a defined secrets and techniques for the Oxford males of Tinder. Currently go back to swiping – you know you should.

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